whats your ootd for Christmas?



An outfit of the day (commonly abbreviated OOTD) is where fashion bloggers show what clothes (or outfits) they wear on a particular day or occasion. These are often found on social media websites, such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well as various videos on YouTube. It’s the most used hashtag which trending all over the world nowadays.


Christmas In the USA

christmas in the USA

The United States of America has many different traditions and ways that people celebrate Christmas, because of its multi-cultural nature. Many Americans, especially Christians will go to Church to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Many churches have special Christmas carol services and events where the story of Christmas is told. People in America like to decorate the outsides of their houses with lights and sometimes even statues of Santa Claus, Snowmen, and Reindeer.


Outfit for Women:

  •     Sweet Cropped Cardigans.
  •     Hooded Sweatshirts/Sweaters.
  •     Shackets.
  •     Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

sweet cropped cardigans


Commonly cardigans are open-fronted and have buttons: garments that are tied are instead considered a robe. Knit garments with zippers can also be referred to as Cardigan. A current fashion trend has the garment with no buttons or zipper and hangs open by design.


Hooded Sweatshirts/Sweaters

hooded sweatshirts or sweaters

A hoodie (in some cases it is also spelled hoody and alternatively known as a hooded sweatshirt) is a sweatshirt with a hood. Hoodies provide a feeling of comfort, warmth, light, and softness while you wear them at home or during lazy weekends.



shackets for women

Shackets combine the best of two essentials we already know, love, and wear, the oversized shirt and the cloud-soft flannel or wool jacket. They're lightweight yet cozy, slightly slouchy yet polished with a belt, a garment you can throw on without a thought and instantly complete an outfit.


Ugly Christmas Sweaters

ugly christmas sweaters

An ugly christmas sweater is any Christmas-themed sweater that could be considered in bad taste, tacky, or gaudy. The consensus is that the more embellishments-tinsel, reindeer, Santa Clauses, candy canes, elves, presents, etc. The uglier the sweater.


What is the best website to buy?

 Newly onboarded brand Dinazah under women’s wear in the USA has brought some stylish and elegant collections of cardigan for women, Hooded Sweatshirts/Sweaters, shackets, ugly christmas sweaters, and many other amazing clothes for women.