style lessons from celebrities

In the world of fashion, age is but a number, and your 30s can be a prime time to explore and express your unique style. To inspire your fashion journey, let's delve into the style lessons we can learn from some iconic celebrities who have dazzled us with their fashion choices in their 30s:

  1. Emma Watson - The Classic Elegance: Emma Watson's style in her 30s exudes timeless elegance. She often opts for tailored pieces, such as crisp white shirts, well-fitted blazers, and A-line dresses. Take a page from her book and invest in classic pieces that will always be in style.
  2. Meghan Markle - Modern Royalty: The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, embraces modern royalty fashion. Her wardrobe includes chic midi dresses, sleek coats, and monochromatic ensembles. Meghan teaches us that simplicity can be incredibly sophisticated.
  3. Rihanna - Unapologetic Boldness: Rihanna's style is fearless and eclectic. In her 30s, she continues to experiment with daring looks, from oversized blazers to avant-garde dresses. Her lesson? Fashion is all about self-expression and taking risks.
  4. Blake Lively - Effortless Glamour: Blake Lively effortlessly combines comfort and glamour. She often mixes casual pieces like denim with high-fashion items and accessorizes with statement jewelry. Her style teaches us that looking chic doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort.
  5. Lupita Nyong'o - Vibrant Sophistication: Lupita Nyong'o embraces vibrant colors and bold patterns in her 30s. She shows us that you can stand out and radiate confidence with your wardrobe choices. Don't be afraid to embrace color and unique prints.
  6. Zendaya - Fashion Chameleon: Zendaya's style is ever-evolving and unpredictable. She effortlessly shifts between different fashion eras and aesthetics. Her lesson is to embrace versatility and not be confined to one style.
  7. Priyanka Chopra - International Elegance: Priyanka Chopra's style combines elements from around the world. She often dons exquisite Indian attire, sleek Hollywood gowns, and trendy streetwear. Her message is that your style can be a reflection of your multicultural identity.
  8. Kate Middleton - Classic Royalty: The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, continues to embrace classic, timeless pieces in her 30s. Her tailored coats, midi dresses, and polished accessories remind us that classic never goes out of style.
  9. Zoe Saldana - Minimalist Chic: Zoe Saldana's minimalist style is all about clean lines and simplicity. Her wardrobe consists of monochromatic outfits and understated elegance. She teaches us that less can indeed be more.
  10. Beyoncé - Confidence and Power: Beyoncé's style is all about confidence and power. She often chooses bold, statement pieces that make a statement. Her lesson is to wear what empowers you and makes you feel like a superstar.


These fashion icons in their 30s show us that style knows no age limits. Whether you're drawn to classic elegance, modern sophistication, or fearless experimentation, there's inspiration to be found in their diverse fashion choices. Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression, and your 30s are the perfect time to embrace your unique style journey.