can palazzo pants be business casual?

It is difficult for women who are working professional to stay in office pants that are not flowy and less comfortable. Specially, when it is the time where temperature starts dropping as we have entered into the fall season. Keeping this in the mind Dinazah has launched their new variant of palazzo pants that can be a great innovation to office pants for women or it can be the most relevant solution to the public’s find, can palazzo pants be business casual?

Let’s find out what problems did other business casual pants or office pants for women have? And, How Dinazah has tried to solve them with their unique find?


Dinazah has conducted a wide outreach to women working professionals in the United States and has come up with public opinion from which some of the important points have been highlighted below:


Tight at the waist: In the wide outreach to women working professionals the majority has expressed that the office pants for women pants that they currently wearing have experienced the tighter waist in many of the business casual pants. They are tight in such a way, they give them a weird belly pooch.

 tight at the waist


Not soft and flowy: Many of the brands who are into selling office pants for women mostly use heavy and dens fabrics like polyester, as the material for making business casual pants for women. Which are always not soft, flowy and flattering. 

not softy and flowy


Now let’s see What Dinazah have in their new palazzo pants:


High Waisted Elastic Waist:

 high waisted elastic waist


Soft and Comfortable Fabric:



Extra Features: